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2017 Rental Form

We accept checks, cash, and money orders.

Once the reservation is processed, you will receive an email confirming the details.

Event Supply Checklist - What Do I Need To Bring To The HUB?

__________ Dish Towels

__________ Decorations

__________ Table Covers

__________ Plates

__________ Cups

__________ Napkins

__________ Silverware /Utensils

__________ Servings Dishes, Bowls, Tongs, etc.

__________ Coffee / Tea / Milk / Water etc.

__________ Pots / Pans

__________ Ice


Renters are not allowed in the building prior to or after the times specified in the rental agreement. Late departures will result in additional hour(s) being billed after the event. No other rooms may be used if not specified in this contract and paid for ahead of time. Violations will result in additional charges after the event. Rooms may be added up to one week of the event so long as payment has been received.

Renter may not enter the premises prior to the contracted time for decorating or any other purpose and must have everything cleaned up by the contracted ending time.


Tables and chairs will be provided at no additional charge. The renter is responsible for setting up, arranging, and taking down the tables and chairs for their event (unless the Janitorial Fee of $150.00 has been paid). Chairs are to be stacked 7 high on rollers and then wheeled carefully to one side of the room. Tables are to be taken down and put in the storage room (unless instructed differently by the host). Set up and clean up are done within the contracted time period.


ONLY Scotch Restickable Dots may be used to put items on the walls. No confetti, rice, string streamers, nails, tacks, loose glitter on tables, ANY tape (clear,masking, electrical), or floor runners. Nothing may be hung from the ceiling or the light fixtures. We strongly encourage the use of table and floor decorations such as balloons and tables centerpieces. Only flameless (battery operated) candles may be used in the rooms. Expenses incurred by damage resulting from decorating will be billed after the event. All decorations are to be removed at the conclusion of the event. This includes inside and outside the building - out front by the street sign. Remove any items set out in connection with your event, including balloons and strings tied to the address sign out front.



Sound Room and Audio Visual Equipment is not available if a host is not scheduled/present for your event. Renter will have to supply this equipment if needed. There are no microphones or musical instruments available for rental use at our facility. **You will have use of the TV’s whether or not a host is present.


There is NO SMOKING and NO DRINKING anywhere in the Community Center or on the premises.


The Main Hall includes approximately (8) 60 inch round tables and (18) 6 foot rectangular tables, 100 chairs, and the use of (2) 50 inch TV monitors with cable, HDMI Cord, Blu-Ray player,

podium, and white board. The capacity of the Community Center Main Hall is 100.


There is a kitchen available at the facility and a stove, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, and sink may be used if part of your rental agreement. If any of the above are used, they must be cleaned. We also provide a broom, mop and garbage bags. See attached list as to what items you may need to be bring to the center.


No food or drink is permitted in the KidZone. The room is designed for kids age 6 and under. An adult (over 18) must remain in the KidZone and be actively present (not on phones, texting, etc) while the room is in use. The KidZone must be cleaned / vacuumed and items put away before leaving the facility. Rules are posted on the door of the KidZone as a reminder. This room is offered “Free” of charge as a courtesy from The Vine Fellowship Church and may be closed by the host at any time during the event if the rules are being violated or damage has occurred. Restitution will be required to replace damaged items as determined by the host / coordinator.

CLEAN UP: Renter’s Responsibilities For Clean Up - *If Janitorial Fee has not been paid or marked 

1. Sweep all floors - including kitchen (if used) - leave all floors clean and free of dirt, sticky substances

2. Empty all trash & place in dumpster at the front of the building (edge of parking lot) -

(if bag is not full - please combine trash so bags are not wasted)

3. Stack chairs 7 high on rollers and leave at one end of the Main Hall (unless instructed otherwise)

4. Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using a mild soap and water solution. If stains occur, please notify the TVF host so correct cleaning solutions can be used to remove the stains.

5. Put all tables away except the rectangular ones used on the back walls in the Main Hall

(exception: Saturday evenings or unless instructed otherwise by Host)

6. Clean out refrigerator

7. Clean stove, make sure burners/oven off before leaving the building

8. Clean kitchen counters/sinks

9. Clean all appliances used and unplug coffee pots

*HOST ONLY - make sure warmer is turned off - not to be used by renters - per request of TVF church (when applicable)

10. (Host) Turn off speakers in Main Hall and power strip switch in the sound room - close and lock door (if used)

11. Make sure KidZone is vacuumed, toys put away, and tables wiped off (if used)

12. Take down all decorations - both inside the building and out front by the street sign

13. (Host) Close fire doors

14. (Host) Check back entrance doors - including patio door - to make sure all is closed and locked

15. Please check bathrooms for cleanliness and empty trash Turn off all lights

16. (Host) Turn of ALL lights


Following your event, you will receive a “thank you” email and have an opportunity to receive a discount on your next rental for filling out our brief survey and emailing it back to us. If you refer someone and they book an event with us, you will also receive a discount on a future rental. Please make sure to include their name and email address so we may note your account. Our business is blessed by word of mouth advertising and we appreciate you helping us to spread the word. It enables us to keep our costs very affordable.


Renter is responsible for locking up the entire Community Center after their event. He/She will be responsible for any damage or vandalism done to the Community Center as of result of negligence due to improperly locking up the facility. NO Audio or Visual equipment will be available except for the TV's. All other equipment will have to be brought in by the renter.


Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the TVF host. If no host is present, please leave a note for the coordinator. If an emergency, please refer to the host book at the front desk for contact numbers.


All rental/use fees will forfeited if an activity is terminated by The HUB before the end of the scheduled time due to excessive noise or unlawful or disorderly activities. The HUB also reserves the right to cancel an event due to inclement weather and/or other building issues. The renter will be notified as soon as possible and will be offered the option to reschedule. No other compensation of any kind will be made by The HUB Community Center to the renter. Cancellations may be made by the renter up to and including 30 business days prior to the event with written notification, confirmed by the coordinator, and all funds will be returned. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 30 business days prior to the event for any reason.


The HUB Community Center is not responsible for loss or theft of articles stored, left, or brought in to the facility. The HUB is not responsible for storage of articles or supplies associated with a special use.


Our facility provides Wi-Fi to our guests as a courtesy not an amenity. Therefore No Refunds will be given if the Wi-Fi connection should fail or be unavailable for other reasons.


Must be 21 years of age or older to sign a rental agreement to use our facility.

Renter agrees that it will not use the premises for any unlawful purposes, and will obey all laws, rules, and regulations of The Vine Fellowship Church while using the above described facilities.

Renter agrees that it will not use the premises for any purpose that is in conflict with the mission, purpose or belief of The Vine Fellowship Church, which is a biblically-based religious institution.

Renter promises and warrants that he/she carries liability insurance.

Renter will be liable for any damages relating to equipment of The Vine Fellowship Church if used by renter as part of this agreement.

Renter will be liable for any damages or other loss relating to any other portion of the premises.

Renter agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Owner (including Owner’s agents, employees, and representatives)from any and all liability for injury or damage including, but not limited to, bodily injury, personal injury, emotional injury, or property damage which may result from any person using the above described premises, its entrances and exits, and surrounding areas, for User’s purposes.

Renter is responsible for any and all loss or damage to facilities, equipment or grounds. If loss or damage occurs, The HUB Community Center will obtain estimates and bill the group or individual at the lowest estimate amount. In the event that additional cleaning or facility repairs are needed as a result of an event, a fee billed to the Renter.

Renter is responsible for (1) supervision and control of group or individuals to prevent injury and ensure safety, before, during and after use of facility, (2) payment of fees and charges, and (3) damage or loss to equipment, property or grounds which may be incurred as a result of the scheduled activity.

Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless The HUB Community Center, The Vine Fellowship employees and volunteers from and against all claims, suits, actions or liabilities for injury or death of a person, including injury or death to any employees of user/applicant or subcontractors, or for loss or damage to property which arises out of the use of the facilities or its adjoining walkways or from activity, work or things done, permitted, or suffered by, in or about the facility, except only such injury to persons or damages as shall have been occasioned by the sole negligence of The HUB Community Center /The Vine Fellowship Church.

This document contains the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements relating to the subject matter.